5 Underrated Destinations in India

You could probably jot down a list of dozens of holiday destinations in India. However, there’s more to India than what meets the eye. We say there are numerous amazing destinations in the country that you haven’t even heard of. And, all of these are fantastic, to say the least. Without any further ado, let’s get to the list of these underrated destinations in India where you can spend some amazing moments with your friends or family.

Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

Mandu is an ancient town in the state of Madhya Pradesh, about 100 km from the city of Indore. The historical edifices speckling the town are a peek into the richness of the Islamic architecture. It is a great destination if you wish to escape the cacophony of the city life and spend some time in a quaint place that takes you back in time.

Tadoba, Maharashtra

Jim Corbett, Kaziranga, Satpura are some national parks that promptly come to mind when you are thinking about a wildlife adventure in India. However, Tadoba in Maharashtra is another great option if you wish to come across fascinating creatures in their natural habitat. Tadoba National Park, which is often touted as the Jewel of Vidarbha, offers you the opportunity to embark on wildlife safaris and admire intriguing animals.

Mokokchung, Nagaland

While all of Nagaland boasts a unique charm that you must not miss exploring, Mokokchung is something special. It has to be one of the most underrated destinations in Northeast India. It has got a rich tribal culture and a landscape which is a feast for the eyes. Pack your bags, book flight tickets online and head over to this incredible place to make some memories.

Osian, Rajasthan

Osian village lies in the Jodhpur district of Rajasthan, around 67 km away from the city of Jodhpur. It is a paradise for history hunters. The highlight of this village are the temples that were constructed between the 8th and 11th centuries. This place is often referred to as the Khujaraho of Rajasthan, owing to the architecture of its buildings. You can find a discounted hotel in Jodhpur and take a road journey to explore Osian.

Gavi, Kerala

Munnar, Kochi, Alappuzha, Kovalam…the list of holiday destinations in Kerala goes on. However, you may not find Gavi on this list as this serene village has vastly remained hidden from the tourists’ eye up until very recently. It is where you can live a laid-back life while admiring the bounties of nature.

So, these are our favourite underrated destinations in India. Pick one, avail a flight booking coupon, and get ready for an adventure.


On your next Goa Trip, indulge in these unparalleled experiences

The sun-kissed beaches may be Goa’s prime attraction, but there’ more to this small state than what meets the eye. It boasts a wealth of culture and its rugged terrain makes it an ideal spot for a host of adventure sports. There’s a lot more than can be experienced and admired when you book flight tickets to Goa. Take a look:

Explore the Historical Churches

Goa is home to numerous monuments that give a glimpse into its rich colonial heritage. Amongst these are its many churches, many of which also find a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list. Dating back to the 16th century is the Basilica of Bom Jesus, one of the most famed churches in Goa. Se Cathedral and Church of Our Lady of the Rosary are other historical churches that you ought to visit on your Goa trip.

Go Trekking

Take some time out from the Goa beaches, and you will realise that the state is also blessed with a terrain that is just perfect for trekking. If you have an adventurous bone in your body, then you do not want to miss out on the opportunity to partake in this thrilling activity. The trek to Dudhsagar Falls is one of the most sought-after treks in the state. Try it out and you will realise why!

Try Scuba Diving

Have you ever tried scuba diving? Want to enjoy the sport in one of the best diving spots in the country? Then start checking out flight booking offers to the small state right away. A myriad of operators offers scuba diving lessons and an opportunity to try the sport. Get set for one of the best experiences of your life.

Sample the Goan Cuisine

When talking about things that lure people to Goa, one can’t miss mentioning the state’s mouth-watering cuisine. It is a foodie’s paradise with no shortage of delectable food items that can satiate even the most stubborn palates. Some of the must-try dishes are Goan fish curry, pork vindaloo, rava fried fish, chicken cafreal and pork sorpotel.

Party Hard

Goa is India’s party capital where loud music fills the air and booze flows all night long. It is one of the biggest reasons it remains swamped with people almost all around the year. The map of Goa is dotted with bars, nightclubs, lounges and other nightlife spots where you can party all night long. The state also houses some of the best hotels in India, featuring amazing nightclubs and lounges.

So, are you ready for some amazing time? You are only one flight and hotel booking away!

Best Destinations for a Budget International Honeymoon

Planning to surprise your spouse or spouse-to-be with an international honeymoon but budget’s a concern? Fret not! There are myriad destinations that you can visit with your better half without burning up all of your savings. Yes, you read it right! The meagre balance you are left with in your bank after having the wedding of your dreams might be telling you that there’s no possibility of an international honeymoon now, but that is just not the case! Take a look at all the amazing international honeymoon destinations you can book cheap flight tickets to.

Best Honeymoon Destination


The Southeast Asian country of Thailand has no dearth of breath-taking honeymoon destinations. From Phuket and Pattaya to the national capital Bangkok, you can pick from a number of places to romance your partner. And, Thailand will never break your bank. In fact, it is one of best holiday destinations, be it for a honeymoon or an adventure-filled escapade with the lads. So, book those international flight tickets right away!

Sri Lanka

India’s southern neighbour, Sri Lanka is everything beautiful and gorgeous. The small island country boasts a diverse landscape, giving you a glimpse of lush rainforests, bewitching highlands, arid plains and sun-kissed beaches. Its ancient Buddhist ruins speak volumes about the rich culture of its people. What else are you looking for in your international honeymoon destination?


Bali is one of the most stunning places on this earth and with the fact that you can visit it with your partner, on a budget…you should already be checking out international flight booking offers. This forested volcanic island, famed for its rice paddies, sandy beaches and vivid coral reefs is a gem of a destination. You won’t regret picking it as your international honeymoon destination.


The South Asia country of the Maldives, comprised of over 1000 coral islands, is defined by adjectives like spectacular, awe-inspiring, astounding and marvellous. That’s how beautiful this place is. It is the quintessential honeymoon destination where you can relax or partake in some adventure. Let your love soar amidst the emerald waters of this archipelago.


If you aren’t yet familiar with the beauty that has been bestowed upon Vietnam by nature, then read about it right now! Be it the bustling Ho Chi Minh City or quaint destinations like Ha Long Bay, Hanoi or Da Nang, you can choose from a host of names for your honeymoon. Just a few pictures of this country on the internet will coax you to make cheap international flight booking online.

So, have you picked your favourite yet?

5 Reasons to book a cheap flight ticket to Vadodara

Home to opulent palaces, picturesque gardens, insightful museums and revered temples, this city is a state cultural capital. Located not far from it are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites that draw loads of people. Sounds like a sought-after holiday destination that must remain swamped with tourists all around the year, right? Well, not exactly! Although it has everything that vacationers seek, the place is yet to become a mainstream destination by the likes of Jaipur, Mumbai or Goa. The city we are talking about is Vadodara in Gujarat. Take a look at five reasons you should book cheap IndiGo flight tickets to The Banyan City.


Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park

About an hour’s drive from Vadodara is Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park which comprises an ancient palace, citadel, military installations and other numerous structures. For many, it is the biggest draw of the city. This area was once the capital of the Mahmud Begda. These edifices are still in pretty good shape, considering the fact that they were built between 8th and 14th centuries.

Laxmi Vilas Palace

Laxmi Vilas Palace traces its origin to 1890, when it was built as the private residence of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III. The sheer grandeur of this 700-acre monument will leave you spellbound and evoke awe. It is believed to be around four times the size of the grand Buckingham Palace of London. Reason enough to get on a cheap IndiGo flight to Vadodara?

EME Temple

EME Temple is dedicated to Lord Dakshinamurthy, a manifestation of Lord Shiva. It may be a place of worship but you can’t tell that by looking at it. Its contemporary design of this aluminium building and the lush garden featuring 106 statues dating between 6th and 16th centuries are its highlights.

Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary

You can find a host of tourist attractions in Vadodara, and one category is a nature park. About 80 km from Vadodara, Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect place to come across the many animals of the region. Jackals, hyenas, sloth bears, wild boars, barking deer, nilgai and more can be spotted in the sanctuary.

Vadodara Museum and Picture Gallery

The famed Vadodara Museum and Picture Gallery is one of the two museums in Sayaji Baug. It was commissioned by Sayajirao in 1894, among the many buildings constructed by the monarch. The vast collection of the museum comprises artefacts from Japan, Nepal, Egypt, Tibet and other parts of the world. The 22-metre long blue whale skeleton is one of the most prized possessions of the museum.

Have the many intriguing points of interest of Vadodara tempted you to come over? Book an IndiGo airline ticket right away!

Unique Hotels around the World you won’t Believe Exist

If you like travelling and things that are quirky and unusual, then you have landed on the right page. We are going to talk about some unique hotels where you can relish in a truly extraordinary stay. Without any further ado, let’s get straight to the list.

Dasparkhotel, Ottensheim, Austria

DasPark Hotel in Ottensheim Austria

You will find Dasparkhotel on almost every other list of unique hotels around the world you can find on the internet and there is a pretty good reason for that. Where else do you spend a night inside a sewer pipe? Yes, that’s right! At Dasparkhotel, you stay in rooms built with repurposed 2-metre diameter concrete drainpipes. If you think that’s the most bizarre hotel in the world, then be prepared to be surprised.

The Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Tanzania

the manta resort pemba island tanzania

Dwell deep into the ocean at The Manta Resort in Tanzania. Enjoy a lavish stay in floating underwater rooms, unwind in the lounge area, and head over to the roof to soak the sun. The room, perched about 250 metres from the shore, will be your own private island to splash into the turquoise waters as you please. Do we need to mention that it can be the ultimate spot for your honeymoon?

Icehotel, Sweden

best top hotel in Sweden Icehotel

If you like the winter season and landscapes enveloped in a thick layer of snow are among your favourite sights, then be checking out cheap flight booking offers for Sweden already. The European country is home to Icehotel, and as you may have already guessed from the name, it’s entirely made of ice. The ICEHOTEL 365 gives you a chance to experience a unique stay at this icy paradise throughout the year.

Crane Hotel Faralda, Amsterdam

Crane Hotel Faralda Amsterdam prices

The city of Amsterdam has an abundance of hotels, be it budget or luxurious. The one that stands out from the rest, and that is Crane Hotel Faralda. It is defined as “The most Insane & Inspiring place to stay” and it could very well be so. We mean, how many hotels do you know that are built into an industrial crane? We guess, not many! But there’s no compromise on the amenities as the hotel features 3 plush suites that guarantee a memorable stay.

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam, Zaandam

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam

Here’s another quirky hotel for you to indulge in an unforgettable stay at during your Netherlands holiday. If you have ever dreamed of living inside a Lego house, then this is your best bet. Inntel Hotels Amsterdam truly appears as if it has been built of Lego pieces and this is not an overstatement.

Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho

Dog Bark Park Inn Idaho USA

Are you a dog lover? Can your love for the furry little pals make you stay inside a bed and breakfast built like a giant beagle? If your answer is in the affirmative, then book a stay at Dog Bark Park Inn in Idaho. London Times named it among the Top 20 Most Fun & Exciting Places to Stay.

Intrigued to stay at any of these unique places? Then make a hotel booking, grab a cheap flight ticket and fly off for this once in a lifetime experience.

Unique Experiences for an Enthralling Maldives Vacation

Luxurious resorts, indulgent spas, undisturbed tranquillity, water sports, white sands, and emerald waters; what more does one seek in a holiday destination? That is why hordes of vacationers book cheap international air tickets and come over to the tropical paradise called the Maldives. It is a great pick whether you are looking for a relaxing, laid-back trip or an adrenaline-filled sojourn replete with adventure sports. Take a look at things that guarantee you memories to cherish a lifetime.

Underwater Dining

The Maldives is home to Ithaa, the first all-glass undersea restaurant in the world. It takes you to the depth of five metres and lets you gorge on a delectable meal amidst fascinating creatures of the sea. Isn’t that a unique experience? In 2014, Ithaa was rated “the most beautiful restaurant in the world” by the New York Daily News. Numerous other accolades have come Ithaa’s way in the past few years.

Night at Glowing Beach

The archipelago of the Maldives is home to a rare natural wonder, glowing beach. This mystical view is created by bioluminescent plankton which is found in the warm coastal waters. The shining sea life crashing on the velvety beach will be one of the most enchanting sights you would have ever seen. So, be booking that international flight ticket online already!

Scuba Diving

Adventure sports in the Maldives are as fun as they can get, and among the most sought-after activities is scuba diving. There is no scarcity of scuba diving spots in the country. But the most famed of these is Manta Point. Swamped with aquatic creatures that draw hordes of locals and tourists. You can head over to a secluded spot to enjoy a dive in undisturbed waters and come across vivid coral reefs and fish.

Island Hopping

The Maldives is comprised of 1200 coral islands, about 200 of which are inhabited. Several operators in the Maldives offer island hopping tours taking holidaymakers to the serene islands of Ukulhas, Rasdhoo, Vilingili, North Ari Atoll, Mathiveri Finolhu and more. Besides these, there are scores of other bewitching small and large islands in the country that one can explore with an island hopping tour.

All these and many other amazing experiences await you in the archipelago. Book cheap international air tickets and get set for a memorable vacay in the Maldives.

The Holiday Season Just Got Merrier with HEG Pre-Xmas Sale

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