5 Best Places to Visit in Shimla

Famously called the queen of hills, Shimla has a pleasant climate with a colonial ambience and consists of evergreen forests, breathtaking lakes, and rolling valleys, to name a few. From natural grandeurs to man-made wonders, Shimla has countless beautiful places to visit that make for almost every traveller’s itinerary. For accommodation purposes, several budget Hotels in Shimla are from online platforms like happyeasygo.

In today’s blog, we will look at 5 of the great attractions in Shimla that one must give a chance at while travelling there.

Green Valley

Green Valley

Green Valley is considered one of the most attractive places in Shimla. It is encircled by Verdant hills covered with thick backwoods of pine and deodar. It is a famous spot for people who want to witness and enjoy the charming lush green surroundings. It is perfect for photographers as it offers some of the most enthralling natural sights. Green Valley is also a favourite hotspot for Bollywood movies, as many Bollywood movies have featured this place.



Kufri is situated at a distance of 16 km from the main city of Shimla. It is a famous tourist spot known for snow-laden peaks, Kufri zoo, and Skiing. It is another great place to visit in Shimla. With an elevation of around 8607 ft., the hill station offers an amazing panoramic view of the snow-capped mountains. The prime attractions it offers are Mahasu Peak and Fagu Valley.

It is also an adventure hub and is famously called the sports capital of India because it has facilities and training for various sports such as Skiing and ice skating. It has a regular snowfall in winter, which is why it comes to the top among other places to visit. 

Mall Road

Mall Road

Mall Road in Shimla is one of the most lively lanes for enjoying a variety of shopping options, food stalls, eateries, cafes, etc. It has several restaurants, cafes, showrooms, departmental stores, and shops that sell exclusive handicraft works that let visitors get absorbed in the spirit of Shimla.

Whether one wants books, jewellery, or some intricately crafted wooden articles, different items are available here for purchase. Visitors can also explore the neighbouring attractions like the Kali Bari Temple, Scandal Point, Town Hall, and Gaiety Theatre.  

Jakhoo Hill

Jakhoo hill

Jakhoo Hill is the most elevated point in Shimla. Jakhoo hill boasts some appealing scenic views of the snow-capped Shivalik Ranges and the sister town of Sanjauli. Jakhoo hill also has the world’s tallest statue of Lord Hanuman (108ft.) in the ancient Hanuman temple. Concealed in legends and mysteries, Jakhoo hill is the spot for devotees as much as for tourists.

If one could believe the local legends, the Hanumple temple is the exact spot where Lord Hanuman had rested for some time when he was on his journey of bringing Sanjeevani Booti for Lakshman’s revival at the time when the war of Lanka was happening.

Viceregal Lodge

viceregal lodge

The viceregal lodge is situated at the second-highest point in the city. It is popularly called the Rashtrapati Niwas (the president’s residence). The viceregal lodge with a Mock-Tudor state mansion encircled with flawlessly maintained gardens is a popular spot for history lovers.

It is where all the viceroys who governed our country between 1888 and 1946 lived in the lodge during the hot Indian summers. It is one of the must-visit places in Shimla that offers magnificent structures encircled by perfectly manicured gardens.

5 Popular Temples to Visit in Goa

Goa is famous as the “Party Capital of the Nation”, but it is not just about the parties alone. There are ample magnificent and divine temples in the state, which most may not know of. The place boasts of some great ancient Hindu temples with unique historical insights.

It may sound quite weird as the state is known to be the party destination for many people. For accommodation purposes, there are many budget-friendly hotels in Goa where you can stay. So, in this post, we will look at some of the most popular temples of Goa that are worth visiting. So let’s begin.

Maruti Temple – To seek Lord Hanuman’s blessings

Maruti Temple

Situated on the peak of the Altinho hill, the Maruti temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Lord Hanuman, also known as the monkey god. It enshrines Lord Hanuman as the presiding deity. The temple is lit up at night, looking extremely stunning and brightly visible from a distance. The visitors visiting this divine temple can also view the charming octagonal Deepastambha or lamp tower at this temple.

Mahadeva Temple – To Experience the Divinity of Lord Shiva

Mahadev Temple

The Mahadeva temple, also known as Tambdi Surla, is situated in one of the most tranquil sites and is enclosed by lush greenery around the corner. It is concealed in a clearing, which may be small but designed magnificently inside a jungle. It is believed that a huge King Cobra snake resides in the main hall at night. The temple is considered the oldest temple in Goa and is said to have outlived the Christianising of Goa by the Portuguese and numerous Muslim invasions.

Brahma Temple – To Worship the Creator

Situated in Carambolim, it is also one of the oldest temples in Goa. It is also called Brahma Karmali, which is named after the nearby village. It attracts several devotees around the area. It is said that the shrine inside the temple is significantly old, from the 12th century. The shrine is also designed in an extremely intricate manner. It has a rich history, and the simplicity and divinity of the place allures and relaxes visitors who visit the temple.

Shri Bhagavati Temple – To Revere a Different Form of Goddess Laxmi

The unique Shri Bhagvati temple is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Bhagwati, an incarnation of Goddess Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva. It is also one of the oldest temples in Goa and is said to be more than 500 years old. The Shri Bhagvati temple complex includes five temples, with the primary temple of Shri Bhagvati and other temples of Shri Sateri, Shri Dev Ravalnath, Shri Dev Bhivangi Panchakshari & Brahma (Shri Vishnu, Shri Ganapathy, Shri Shankar). 

Mangeshi Temple – To Appreciate the Combo of Architecture and Divinity

Mangeshi Temple

It is the most visited temple in Goa and one of the oldest in Goa. The temple is dedicated to Lord Mangesh, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The presiding deity, Lord Mangesh, is revered in the form of a Shiva Lingam, which the Saraswat Brahmins have brought up in Goa. The major highlight of this temple is the seven-storey deepstambha which is a stunning sight to experience and capture, especially when lit with earthen lamps at night.

5 Famous Shakti Peethas (Shrines) to Visit in India

India is home to the most admired Hindu shrines, the Shakti Peethas. There are 51 Shakti Peethas in India devoted to Goddess Shakti who is also an incarnation of Devi Sati, Parvati, Durga, and Kaali. These Hindu shrines have been constructed in India as well as abroad to signify her presence. In mythology, it is believed that these were the very places where the body parts of Goddess Sati fell, as Lord Shiva grieved and carried her body.

They are spiritually energetic, divine, and one of India’s most visited pilgrimage destinations. To visit these places, which are considered manifestations of limitless power, you can check out HappyEasyGo for the best deals and offers. In this post, let us look at some of the most popular Shakti Peethas in India.

Vishalakshmi Devi Temple in Varanasi

This divine temple is an abode to Goddess Vishalakshi or the Goddess Parvati. The literal meaning of Vishalakshi is “wide-eyed” and the Goddess is called the wide-eyed goddess. This sacred temple is situated near the banks of the holy Ganges and attracts countless devotees for pilgrimage. It is the place where the earrings of Devi Sati fell.

The goddess is considered a manifestation of Lord Shiva and is characterized as the shakti or energy of the Lord. It is believed that unmarried girls who worship in this temple, get the partner they deserve. It is also believed that people praying here get their wishes fulfilled.

Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati

This temple is dedicated to Devi Kamakhya, who is also known as Tantric goddess and Kameshwari i.e. goddess of desire. It is situated on the top of Nilachal hill in the western part of Guwahati. It is a place with immense supreme energy or Maha Shakti, and countless devotees visit this temple, especially during the Ambubachi fair. The shrine is revered in the temple in the form of a stone.

There are other temples also present in the main temple complex that are dedicated to different incarnations of Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva. There is a Saubhagya Kunda in the proximity, and it is recommended to take a dip in the Kunda which, according to legends, assure a brighter future, and eliminates various illnesses and diseases.

Mahakali Temple in Ujjain

Maha Kali is the most enraged avatar of manifestation of Devi Shakti. The temple is situated on top of a small hill across the banks of the Kshipra river. Ujjain, which is an ancient city in the India’s Madhya Pradesh state is considered as the Royal seat of Devi Mahakali and Vikramaditya. According to Hindu mythology, the upper lip of Goddess Sati fell here.

It is one of the primary places for the devotees of Goddess Kali, where they worship her aggressive form. A good time to consider visiting this temple is during Ashwin Navratri or Chaitra Navratri when seeking the blessings of the goddess brings good fortune in the future.

Kalighat Temple in Kolkata

It is also one of the most exquisite temples, situated in Kalighat, Kolkata and devoted to Goddess Kali. According to Hindu mythology, it was the very place where the toes of Goddess Sati’s right foot fell. The statue of the Goddess with wide eyes, golden hands, and a golden protruding tongue is truly unique and impressive, and distinct from other temples.

It attracts countless devotees from various parts of the country. If you currently reside in Delhi, you can check out the Delhi to Kolkata flight to reach Kolkata and visit this temple.

Tarapith Temple in Birbhum

It is an ancient mystical shrine dedicated to Goddess Durga, and is situated in the Birbhum district, West Bengal. The temple celebrates twelve incarnations of Goddess Kali, who is also known as Goddess Tara. According to Devi Puranas in Hindu mythology, the eyeball or ‘Tara’ fell here. At this temple, various supernatural and tantric activities are performed here.

The passionate devotion of devotees has made this temple one of the major Shakti Peethas in India. A number of people and devotees strongly believe in the effectiveness and mysticism of this temple. According to them, not a single devotee that comes here, goes back empty-handed.

7 Exciting Places to Hangout in Chennai

Chennai has countless places for fun and enjoyment with friends and family. It is also one of the largest economic and educational centres in South India. It would not be a better idea to limit yourself to cineplexes, food stalls, and coffee shops to hang out in the city.

So If you are from Delhi, you can book a Delhi to Chennai flight to reach here, and for accommodation, there is a wide range of budget-friendly to expensive hotels in Chennai. So, let’s look at the best places in the city for opportunities to hang out with your friends.

Marina Beach

Marina Beach

Marina beach is India’s longest and the world’s second-longest beach. It has a very special place in the heart of locals and tourists to hang out with their friends and partners. Some popular things to enjoy here include watching the spectacular sunset, horse riding, hot air balloons, and enjoying snacks with loved ones. It comes in the top list among the most fun places to visit in Chennai with friends. It is a perfect spot for an enthralling vacation, and one must visit this beach during their visit to Chennai for hangout purposes.

Fun City

It is undoubtedly one of the best gaming centres and indoor family entertainment platforms. It is the most preferred place to visit in Chennai for entertainment and a memorable hang out with friends or family. This place is loaded with fun-filled games and activities that will engage children and families in amazing curious, driven learning experiences. This can be the place worth visiting to enjoy the weekends for a relaxing and thrilling experience.

Kishkinta Theme Park

Kishkinta theme park

Situated near the Chennai border along the refurbished hills and lakes, the Kishkinta theme park is lively and full of activity. People of all ages enjoy the water rides, dry rides, waterfalls, and eateries. It is one of the best places in Chennai to have super fun and enjoy the day to your fullest with your friends and family. 

MGR Film City

For Tamil movie buffs and fans, it is the best place to be to get a sight of your favourite Tamil actor. Apart from being one of the best places to visit in Chennai, the MGR film city is also a renowned tourist attraction. The film city hosts various indoor and outdoor shooting locations, film schools, gardens, churches, mosques etc., designed in Mughal and Japanese style.

Monkey Monk

The monkey monk park is the perfect park in Chennai to induce enthusiasm and energy with a plethora of outdoor activities in the park, such as valley crossing, ladder crossing, tyre jumping, rappelling, etc. One must plan a visit to this place to hang out with their friends and family and bring the adventure junkie inside out.


It is a backwater area situated in the Kanchipuram district near Chennai. The place is extremely popular for boating and watersports and is an excellent spot for hanging and chilling out with friends and partners. So one must not only consider but visit this one of the best places in Chennai for a day full of fun and relaxation! 

VGP Universal Kingdom

It is an amusement park located on the East coast road in Chennai. The amusement park offers enthralling fun opportunities to visitors of all ages. It is amongst the Children’s most preferred amusement parks that boast exciting rides for kids and adults, eateries options and some great live shows. This makes the place a complete entertainment package and is one of the most enthralling places in Chennai for fun and entertainment with friends and family.

4 Best Places to Visit on Your Trip to Patna

Patna, the place which carries a rich and wild history of India, was earlier known as Patliputra. The city, which was the capital of the mighty Magadha Empire, has been here for 2500 years, loaded with interesting stories of warriors and kingdoms. This was the place where many scholars, such as Aryabhatta, Chanakya, and Panini used to live and share their learnings. This is the place where Buddhism and Jainism religions originated and flourished.

If you are from Delhi, you can book a Delhi to Patna flight to reach here, and for accommodation, there is a wide range of budget-friendly to expensive hotels in Patna. This city is filled with warm-hearted people that are always ready to greet visitors who come to the city to enjoy their time.  So, in this blog, we will be looking at some of the best places to visit in Patna. Let’s begin.

1. Bihar Museum

Bihar museum is the place where history lovers or visitors who are curious about the state can visit this museum. The museum provides an understanding of the ancient history and culture of Bihar. It is filled with exceptional archeological and anthropological artifacts that date back from the centuries-old Patna museum. The museum is built into sections that include galleries, educational and administrative areas.

The galleries in the Bihar museum include the orientation gallery, the children’s gallery, the regional gallery, the contemporary gallery, the historical art galleries, the Bihari Diaspora gallery, and the visible storage gallery. The exhibits on different subjects are displayed in separate galleries. Each gallery is humongous and many artifacts are on display in each one of them. They also include artifacts that date back to the 4th century.

2. Buddha Smriti Park

The park is situated near the Patna junction, opposite the Mahavir mandir. Also known as the Buddha Memorial Park, it is spread across an area of 22 acres. The Buddha Smriti Park was constructed by the Government of Bihar to mark the 2554th birthday of Lord Buddha. The features of the park include the two Bodhi trees planted by the Dalai Lama and the Lord Buddha statue.

It is a multi-purpose park where the patnites, as well as the visitors from other cities, come to enjoy with their family, friends or partners. The park has a meditation center, library with multiple books on Buddhism, and a museum as well. The place has such an ambient atmosphere that it can make one sit for a whole day! So it should be on your top list if visiting Patna city.

3. Mahavir Mandir

Mahavir Mandir is a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It is one of the most famous temples in India. The temple was constructed in the 17th century. It got its recognition after India’s partition in 1947 when a huge number of Hindu refugees began to settle down in the city from the newly created Pakistan.

It is the temple where a large number of devotees come to worship as well as enjoy the tranquil environment of the temple. Also, apart from the captivating idol of Lord Hanuman, it also hosts the famous “floating stone” from the ancient Ram Setu.

4. Nalanda Mahavihara

Nalanda Mahavihara

A UNESCO world heritage site, Nalanda was the epicenter of learning in ancient India. It was one of the earliest universities in India, with students not just from India, but China, Tibet, Korea, and central Asia. The time when Nalanda prospered the most was between the 5th century AD to 1200 AD. It is believed that there was a humongous library in Nalanda which was set on fire by the invaders, and it burnt continuously for around 6 months.

Nalanda, the great educational and monastic institution have got various ruins of stupas, viharas, and shrines. The place also showcases an archaeological museum right next to the ruins, which has exhibitions of the Nalanda university’s seal, bronze, and stone sculptures. Situated about 95 km from Patna, It would be an unforgettable experience for visitors who would be visiting this place!

4 Offbeat Places to Visit in Park Street Kolkata

Park Street of Kolkata is an important access route in Kolkata. It is officially known by the name – Mother Teresa Sarani. The street starts at Chowringhee road or JL Nehru and goes till Park Circus crossing. Park Street is popular as the place that never goes into hibernation mode. It is full of activities and noise. Because of this reason, it is a prominent hangout spot in the city. Some major routes originate or intersect from here.

There are many pubs, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, malls and eatery joints for people to enjoy. If you are from Delhi, you can book Delhi to Kolkata flight to reach here, and for accommodation, there is a wide range of budget-friendly to expensive hotels in Kolkata. So in this post, let’s look at some of the best offbeat places you can visit.

Park Street

Purchase Books and Mags

Park Street has some popular bookstores, such as the exemplary Oxford Bookstores, the family book shop, indie favourite, and the bizarre cat-themed Bingsha Shatabdi. It gets more exciting when you walk down the park hotel to Bar-B-Q, and there are next-level varieties of books.

The nostalgic moments at Giggles

This magnificent institute of Kolkata once used to draw many youngsters and still does. The place charms the youth with the presence of the 90’s era board games, greeting cards, fridge magnets, and snow globes. Although it had been shut for a while, it reopened last year. The charm of this place is amazing, and for youngsters who visit it, it’s a nostalgic feeling to revisit the 90s.

The India Hobby Centre

It is a toy shop at the intersection of Park Street and Russel Street. This shop originated in the 1950s and is a one-stop shop for all things hobby. It has many hobby sets and quirky collectables such as coins, stamps, and retro aircraft assembling kits. But presently, it is left with only a few shelves of game sets. It’s a fact that it is not what it was earlier, but still visiting this place is a thrill and full of excitement.

Marvel over Antiques at Victor Brothers

The Victor Brothers in the Park street of Kolkata is one of the oldest auction houses. It is situated close to the post office on park street. It resembles somewhat Miyazaki’s stinky river spirit. Some of the antiques you may discover here include the treasures such as Victorian tea sets and plates chipped and dirt-laden original Ming vases, stately vintage chandeliers, grandfather clocks, and brownie cameras.

Even if you don’t want to indulge in any purchases, you can still go for just window shopping to experience these fantastic antiques or treasures.

Top 3 Places to Visit in Mumbai

Mumbai is famously known as the “City of Dreams”. It is situated on the west coast of the Indian peninsula. The city is named after the goddess Mumba Devi, and the word Mumba is derived from the words “Maha” and “Amba”, which means great mother.

Mumbai is popularly called the city that never sleeps because the city is wildly diverse, and the people are extremely busy, even at night. The city boasts distinct varieties of places, right from beaches, Amusement parks, shopping malls and centres to religious and historical spots.

If you reside in Delhi, you can book Delhi to Mumbai flights to reach here, and for accommodation and stays, there is a wide range of budget-friendly to expensive hotels in Mumbai. In this post, let’s look at the top 3 places worth your time travelling when planning a trip to Mumbai. Let’s begin.

Marine Drive

Marine Drive

It is not a surprise to think of Mumbai, and Marine drive doesn’t come to mind first. The place was officially named Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose road. It is a C-shaped 3km long stretch with six lanes that run by the coastline. For the Mumbaikers, it is a daily natural bay which soothes their eye with its tranquillity and scenic charm.

It is also often called with the name, “Queen’s Necklace” because of its breathtaking beauty. It also links to Nariman point, a prominent place to visit in Mumbai.

Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach

This beach comes on the list of the most prominent beaches in India. The beach offers stunning sunset views, and you can enjoy eating at the street food corners in the area. You can also indulge in various activities there, such as horse riding or camel riding on the beach. The beach is also renowned for its nightlife. There are several pubs, bars, and nightclubs to enjoy and spend a quality evening time with your friends.

Bandra Worli Sea Link

Bandra Worli Sea Link

This bridge is renowned for its architectural magnificence. It is a 5 km long bridge constructed on the Arabian sea. This outstanding bridge connects Bandra to Worli, and is the first cable-stayed bridge constructed on the open sea in India. It is one of the eminent landmarks of Mumbai. For the daily commuters, this bridge is a blessing as it saves significant amount of time.

In the evening, this bridge is lit up with lights which makes it look even more stunning. For photographers also, this is a superb place to get some fantastic shots!

Top 4 Places to Visit in Nandi Hills

Nandi hill is a renowned hill station in Karnataka with countless sites for visitors to explore. It is also a perfect weekend hotspot for visitors to Bengaluru. If you are currently in Delhi, you can catch up Delhi to Bangalore flight to reach there. It is near the international airports, making it easy for travellers to access.

There are also quite a few hotels in Bangalore and near the airport, so stays and accommodation won’t be an issue. With a plethora of places to see and explore, such as ancient temples, ruins of royal forts, and other astonishing architectural wonders. So, now let us look at some of the top places you can visit in the Nandi hills.

Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple

This extraordinary architectural wonder is situated at the base of the Nandi hills, the counterpart to the Nandeeshwara temple. It is devoted to Lord Shiva, and the temple represents the later stage of life of Lord Shiva, i.e. renunciation. It originated during the Chola dynasty. From the temple, you can also see the enthralling view of the adjoining valley.


The region of Nandi hills is famous for its mountainous terrains, and there exist several caves in these mountains. There is one such cave named Brahmashram, which is one of the most popular caves in the region. The travellers, especially the ones who are inclined to spirituality, visit this cave.

The one eminent person who spent some of his days here is Sage Ramakrishna Paramhansa. The cave is enclosed with lush greenery and an ambient environment that makes the visitor’s mind relaxed and peaceful.

Channapura Falls

The Channapura falls is one of the best places for adventure junkies who have come to visit the Nandi hills in search of adventure. Amidst the grace of nature, this captivating waterfall allures visitors of all kinds, especially during the monsoons, which is the best time to visit this place. The trails during trekking here are extremely stunning and offer visitors panoramic greenery of the valleys!

Tipu Sultan’s Fort

Tipu Sultan is a name which is embedded in the pages of history who fought bravely for the sovereignty of our motherland from the Britishers. His presence is also in Karnataka’s heritage, he built some great edifices and forts during his rule which is one of the major tourist attractions to this date. The name of the Tipu Sultan’s fort is Tashk-e-Jannat.

Although it was built by Tipu Sultan’s father, ultimately he completed the construction. There are also several trekking trails around the place which offer picturesque views of the surroundings.

Reasons that makes you to visit Darjeeling

This destination is a heavenly gorgeous place to spend some quality time. It is famous for many reasons like the Tea Industry, friendly people, picturesque views and natural beauty of the site. Nature and climate are at their best in summers, and it’s the right time to explore the city. 

The native people are pretty spiritual and religious, and they celebrate festivals like Ram Navami, Buddha Jayanti, Christmas, Holi and others. There are several hotspots, eating points, and shopping areas to explore and enjoy your trip. Find other reasons below that makes you visit Darjeeling.


Darjeeling offers various activities like paragliding, rafting, trekking, kayaking, mountain biking, zorbing, camping and rock climbing to have fun on your trip.

Famous Foods

You can find original cultural tastes in famous foods like traditional Nepali thali, thupka, churpee, momos, aloo dum, chaang and many more. Kunga Restaurant, Glenary, The Maple, Sonam’s Kitchen, Big Bite, and Frank Rose Café are the known points to try these famous food items.

Shopping Areas

The city is famous for buying books, teas, woollen and handicraft items. Bhutia Market, Nehru Road Market, Rink Mall, Mall Road, Teesta Market, Dragon Market, Chowrasta, New Mahakal Market and Chowk Bazar are the places to have the notable items to take back home.


The main hotspots are Tiger Hill, Peace Pagoda, Rock Garden, Darjeeling Observatory Hill, Dali Monastery, and Nightingale Park. The ambiences of these spots are perfect for enjoying in the city.


The best thing to do is explore the nightlife of the place. Darjeeling offers a peaceful ambience to spend evenings with your loved ones. Joeys Pub, 1910 The Lounge Bar, Gattys Café and Inox are the places to spend evenings. Enjoy the views of the Himalayas surroundings, and the natural climate is soothing at night.

Affordable Trip

If you want to spend some time in the peace and nature’s beauty, you should visit Darjeeling. It can be affordable, and budget-friendly accommodation options, eating points, and local transportation are available. Moreover, you can find the lowest airfare to book flight tickets for the city at HappyEasyGo.

These given reasons make the place the perfect holiday destination to enjoy. You will fall in love with the place and get many things to make memorable memories and experiences to cherish your entire life.

Factors that make Auli a Tourist Destination

Travelling is an essential part of life, giving you many things to know about the world. It can make you feel true contentment in life. You can find your genuine happiness while exploring the places, and plenty of time is needed to spend at any destination of your choice.

If you want to have an enjoyable vacation, then Auli is your place. You can find the place’s name at the top of the tourism industry list, and you can book hotels easily through happyeasygo. It offers many things to make your trip memorable enough for a lifetime.

Picturesque views of the surroundings and the presence of serenity make it a place to relax and have the best time. The place’s culture combines tri-traditions like Nepal, Tibet, and Garhwal. Check the list below of what makes you plan your next trip to Auli.

Photo by Rahul Ranjan on Unsplash


This beautiful place offers you the hotspots to know the lifestyle, culture, history roots of the native people. Joshimath, Gurso Bugyal, Nanda Devi Peak, Chattar Kund, Chenab Lake, and Rudraprayag are the major interesting points of the Auli. Don’t forget to take pictures of the natural beauty of these places.

Activity Things

Skiing, Trekking, Camping, Cable Car Ride, Hiking, and Ropeway rides are the main activities to enjoy and have fun on your Auli trip.


Shopping is another way to find unique and specific things about the place’s culture. Woollen clothing items, Kullu caps, and Tibetan prayer wheels are special things to purchase in the city. You can find the best quality of everything at a reasonable price.

Food Items

Garhwali cuisines are the special food item in the city; you can get different street food items to satisfy your hunger pangs. Cliff Top Club and Auli D’s Food Plaza are the two main restaurants that give you the city’s flavour.

Affordable Trip

You can enjoy pleasant weather and environment at budget-friendly rates of the accommodation to stay, public transportation to commute locally, and healthy and tasty food items to stop your cravings.

Learning and getting the best experience while travelling the Auli is worthy enough. No doubt it will give you several options to enjoy your trip. The best time to visit the place is winter, from December to February. During this duration of time, you can get a chance to enjoy the snowfall. You can find several things that make you fall in love with a place.

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