Top Shopping Destinations in Jaipur

Jaipur has a wide variety of shops ranging from fabrics, sandals, bags, gems, traditional Rajasthani costumes and much more. The pink city is a paradise for all shopping lovers. You can choose from various traditional specialities of the city and shop them here at reasonable prices. Grab cheapJaipur flight tickets and start exploring some of the wonderful local markets of Jaipur, jotted down below:

  1. Bapu Bazaar

Bapu Bazaar is among one of the best places to shop in Jaipur. Bapu Bazaar is a one-stop destination for all your shopping needs. You can buy almost everything in wholesale or retail at the best prices here. From textiles to jootis, to great antique jewellery and bangles, everything can be shopped at moderate prices. The ‘pink’ side of the city can be witnessed beautifully at the Bapu Bazaar.

  • Mirza Ismail Road

Mirza Ismail Road or the MI Road is famous for its pottery work. The moment you gaze at the artwork of pottery here, you are sure to fall in love with the art and designs. Taking you back to the days of the royal Rajput kings, MI Road has a rare collection of the pot works. You can purchase colourful pots, wooden souvenirs, brass statues and other wooden items from the MI Road. Avail the best hotel offers from HappyEasyGo and book your stay for a wonderful shopping spree at Jaipur.

  •  Tibbati Market

For all budget shoppers, Tibbati Market is the best destination to barge in and pick your favourites. Handicrafts, fashion apparels, and other local souvenirs can be found at this local market. This is the best shopping place for travellers heading to Jaipur between the months of November and January, as Tibbati Market has the best clothing stock during this season. Shopaholics, make your Jaipur flight booking right away. To pay a visit to these amazing shopping destinations of Jaipur, you can book Jaipur air tickets on HappyEasyGo at the lowest price. Also, enjoy free flight booking cancellation and enjoy a hassle-free booking experience.

Most Bewitching Waterfalls in India

Waterfalls are jaw-dropping natural sites and indeed a magical beauty of nature. Apart from its vast diversity and culture, India is also famous as a house to a number of amazing waterfalls. The magnificent sight of these waterfalls is a must-watch at least once in a life. So, book cheap hotels and head on your way to explore some of the most fascinating waterfalls in India.

  1. Nuranang Falls, Arunachal Pradesh

This waterfall in Arunachal Pradesh is one of the lesser-known falls of the country. The place is surrounded by mystic views of Tawang. The gushing water from a height, falling into the valley, makes it a wonder among the tourists. You will need a permit to enter the state and witness these beautiful falls. So make sure to complete all your paper work before heading for a vacation here to have a glimpse of these waterfalls.

  • Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunji

This 335 m waterfall is one of its kind. The splashing of waterfalls on the rock makes a roaring and thunderous sound that is clearly audible even while you stand at the viewing gallery, at a distance from the waterfalls. The astonishing landscape surrounding the waterfalls is a not-to-miss sight. The place is perfect for photography enthusiasts as it offers beautiful natural scenery. The furious flowing falls makes fog at the bottom making it all the more ravishing.

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  • Bhimlat Falls, Rajasthan

This waterfall offers a refreshing ambience in the state of sand-covered deserts and extreme hotness. Located in Bundi, Bhimat falls are 60m high and makes for a great scenic beauty in the state. To pay a visit to these wonderful waterfalls, you must book hotelsin advance from HappyEasyGo to grab discount coupons and save bucks on your hotel bookings.

Fascinating Markets to Shop till you Drop in Delhi

The markets of Delhi are a not-to-miss destination during your visit to the capital city. Jewellery, apparel, lifestyle goods, homeware, utensils, decor and many more commodities are easily available at these markets. You can book a stay at the hotels in Delhi and start exploring some of the famous local markets of Delhi, as mentioned below:

  1. Palika Bazar

This air-conditioned underground market has everything from clothing, perfumes, accessories to footwear, handicrafts, electronics and much more. It is important to verify the authenticity of the product you are purchasing at this market. Also, do not forget to bargain for the article that you are purchasing. Gaming freaks can get an ample amount of video games and gaming consoles like Xbox and Playstation at reasonable prices, here, at Palika Bazar.

  • Panchkuian Marg

Take a stroll along the aisles of this market to shop for classy home decor, wooden furniture, jute swings, Rocking Chairs, carved garden table set, lamps, vibrant side tables and vintage dividers. Few of the famous shops of the market include Satnam Furniture House, Manya Handicrafts, and National Furniture House. This street is a one-stop destination for all your furniture needs of all shapes and kind. Book a cheap hotel in New Delhi from HappyEasyGo and go on a shopping spree at this wonderful market.

  • Daryaganj Book Market

The Daryaganj book market is a treat for all the bibliophiles. The books are sprawled across pavements and even roadside stalls. The stores offer books at discounted prices. You can even purchase books and notebooks at kilogram rates from here.

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Top Tourist Attractions in Mahabaleshwar

Known to be a breathtaking hill station, the Mahabaleshwar offers beautiful destinations to its tourists. The city is famous for ancient temples, rivers, glistening waterfalls, dense forests, cascades and many more. Grab the best hotel deals online and book your stay to visit some of the most famous attractions of Mahabaleshwar.

  1. Elephant’s Head Point

Doing justice to its name, the Elephant’s Head Point is a mountain rock that resembles an elephant’s head. The place offers a mesmerizing view of the Sahyadri ranges. One can also witness the views of Pratapgarh Fort, with spectacular views of the Koyna Valley and Savitri Valley. With a beautiful scenery all around, this hill top is a perfect escapade from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • Pratapgarh Fort

A haven for history buffs and photographers, the Pratapgarh Fort is one of the most visited places in Mahabaleshwar. The amazing valleys, shiny lakes and the busy city is beautifully visible from the hill top of this fort. If you wish to visit this place, monsoon season is the best time for you as you can enjoy the drizzling rain, clouds, and the cold breezes during this time. So, book your stay now to grab the cheapest hotels on HappyEasyGo.

  • Venna Lake

Spread in 28 acres, the Venna Lake is a man-made lake that was initially built to cater the city’s water needs. There is a beautiful garden known as the “Chhatrapati Pratapsinh” on the banks. You can enjoy activities such as boat riding and horse riding near the lake. To satiate your taste buds, there are several eateries and restaurants located near the area.

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Top points of interest to explore in Siliguri

A beautiful hill station on the foot of the Himalayas, Siliguri has the best scenic views of the snow-covered mountains. From monasteries to lush green mountains, amusement parks etc. Siliguri has so much to offer to its travellers. So, search the best hotel deals onlineand book a comfortable stay to explore some of the famous places in Siliguri, mentioned below:

  1. Salugara Monastery

Known for its 110 feet tall Stupa, this renowned monastery was constructed by Tibetan Lama-Kalu Rinpoche. Famously known by the name of Tashi Homang Stupa, this Buddhist shrine is a home to about 5 Buddhist relics and is a famous spot for meditation and prayer. An ancient belief says that the monastery is guarded by hills that are surrounding it. The Indo-Tibetan architecture and the tranquil surroundings of the monastery attracts hundreds of tourists every day.

  • Savin Kingdom

Spread over 10 acres, the Savin Kingdom is an amusement park that offers you a day filled with excitement and adventure. Move out of your hotel stay and head straight to this amusement park to enjoy fun rides like Break Dance, Paratrooper, Monorail, Swing Chair, Fume ride, Go Cart and Dashing cars. You will even get to witness cultural indulgence like henna painting, magicians and fortune tellers at this place. To curb your hunger pangs, the place also has an array of restaurants featuring multiple cuisines.

  • ISKCON temple

Also, known by the name of Sri Sri Radha Madhav Sundar Mandir, this famous temple was built by the ISKCON society (International Society for Krishna Consciousness). The temple has beautiful architecture, and a soothing ambiance where one can feel the tranquility and peace of mind. With its serene atmosphere, the temple is a must-visit for every tourist travelling to Siliguri. Get the cheapest flight and hotel booking to Siliguri from HappyEasyGo. Visit the website or download the HEG app to grab the latest deals on your hotel bookings. Pick a hotel of your choice from the list of hotels on HEG, and book one now with instant discounts.

How to Attract More People By Using Legal Cannabis-Related Tourism In Your Marketing

Cannabis, more commonly known as marijuana, has gone a long way from being notoriously known as a banned substance to becoming a billion-dollar industry. Since there is a growing number of discovered benefits of using marijuana, more people have been turning to marijuana for medical and recreational use. In the United States of America alone, the Cannabis industry is worth $61 billion.

As of February 2021, there are 38 states in the United States of America (Colorado and Washington being two of the first few states to legalize marijuana use) and 47 countries that have legalized the use of marijuana. In the current list of those states and countries, however, only 17 states and two countries have legalized marijuana both medically and recreationally. Because marijuana is not readily accessible to the public, some people choose to travel to legally purchase and use marijuana for either medicinal or recreational purposes, thus starting the growth of cannabis-related tourism.

While cannabis tourism is becoming a source of big business opportunities, there is also concern about regulating the usage of marijuana without it bordering on abuse of the substance. Fortunately, some laws help regulate and prevent the abuse of marijuana.

If you are interested in maximizing businesses and services in the cannabis industry, here are some tips and tricks that you can use to attract people by using legal cannabis-related tourism in your marketing.

Research on What Kinds of Services Or Products Are Already Available in Your Area

There is a wide range of marijuana-related products that are available in the market today. Even if available in the market, THC products are classified as Schedule 1 substances in the United States and have restrictions because they believe that it is more susceptible to abuse.

CBD products, however, are more legalized and have no restrictions with selling or marketing them. Currently, there are different CBD for sale offered to the public. Aside from joints and blunts, other products ranging from oils, edibles, waxes, and vaporizers, all of which also have different purposes and benefits, are also available. Keeping all of these in mind, if you have plans to include products like those mentioned above in your marketing, you must also research and enumerate the purpose of the specified product and the benefits that come with them. Knowing your product’s specifics, you can determine what kind of branding will be effective for your product.

Aside from THC and CBD products, there are also cannabis-related services. In the United States, there are marijuana dispensaries, marijuana-friendly hotels, cannabis tours with a variety of activities, like visiting marijuana plants, cooking and art classes, available depending on the tour.

Once you can specify the kinds of services or products available in your area, it will be easier for you to build up your brand and determine the kind of marketing strategy you can use. It will help promote your area and identify the different tour packages you can offer the tourists interested in traveling to that area.

Be Familiar With the Laws and Regulations in Your Area

One common mistake that travelers make when making a trip is not doing enough homework or research about the area that they’re going to. Some countries and states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Some of these states and countries only allow the use of marijuana to their residents. There are countries like Uruguay that restrict non-residents from purchasing marijuana.

In states like Colorado, California, and Oregon, you are allowed to consume what you purchased in the dispensaries, but other states prohibit smoking indoors. Some states prohibit the use of marijuana while cooking. That is why you need to understand the laws and regulations regarding marijuana in your area. With this, you can educate and assure your visitors and local clients that they are safe when purchasing the products you specify or avail of your tour packages.

Since cannabis tourism is a relatively new business, the laws continue to evolve, so you must also constantly check if there are any new changes or added regulations of these laws in your area. The ISO handbook is a very handy tool to use and start with regarding the safety protocols of cannabis businesses.

Know Your Target Market or Demographic

After figuring out the specifics of the products or services available in the area you want to promote, another step that will help your business is determining your target market or demographic. Since cannabis users range from adults in their later years to young professionals, it would be difficult to determine your marketing strategy without defining who your target market is.

One way to determine your target market would be to look at the product or service available in the area you want to promote. Do the benefits of these products or services address the issues of a specific gender, like CBD oils, for women who have endometriosis? Or are the benefits appropriate for only a specific age bracket? Do you want to attract people from all walks of life? Do you want to appeal to solo travelers looking for adventure? Or do you want a specific demographic to avail of your product or service?  These are only some of the questions you need to consider when defining your target market.

Know The Effective Marketing Platforms

An important thing to remember when marketing cannabis businesses is that it will be different from marketing common products and services. Because marijuana still isn’t legal in some states and countries, promoting them on platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, among others, is prohibited. However, it does not mean that you will be unable to use these businesses to promote tourism in your area.

One way to promote your business is through Search Engine Optimization or SEO to bring in organic traffic to your business. One pro of using SEO as a marketing strategy is to bring traffic to your business by using local keywords. When considering using SEO as an avenue to promote cannabis-related tourism, you must take time to research and understand its ins and outs to maximize it in promoting your business.

Another approach would be to use Influencer Marketing or hire a well-known influencer who uses cannabis products to promote cannabis tourism. Like the first approach, you must also take time to research and study which influencer best suits your brand. Another way to use influencers is to have them promote the different tour packages they can use, allowing people to get a sneak peek of what’s in store for them when they travel.

Event marketing is also an effective marketing strategy because it naturally attracts the attention of people. You must consider, however, the state of your location, especially during this pandemic. If it isn’t advisable to hold an event because of your area’s restrictions, you cannot consider this strategy.

At first, entering cannabis tourism seems overwhelming, but when done right and researched thoroughly, the ROI is high. Grand View Research estimates that the global market value of legal marijuana by 2025 will be $146.4 billion. More and more countries and states are looking into both the legalization of marijuana and cannabis tourism. As long as you deliberately strategize and prepare for your business, it will be a success.

Top Hill Stations near Mumbai

Soothing weather, beautiful natural landscape, and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city attract hordes of tourists to the popular hill stations near Mumbai. You are sure to refresh at these hill stations, away from the scorching heat and humid climate of Mumbai. Plan your easy trip to some of the most wonderful hill stations near Mumbai to unleash the natural beauty of the places, mentioned below:

  1. Lonavala

Away from the maddening rush of the city, Lonavala is situated in the Pune district of Maharashtra. Famously known as the “city of caves” and the “Jewel of Sahyadri,” this hill station boasts of opulent green valleys, tranquil lakes, remarkable caves, and shining waterfalls. Along with the scenic beauty, the rock-cut Bhaja and Karla caves of Lonavala are a major attraction for tourists. To experience a refreshing ambience, you can head to the Jummapatti waterfalls, Kune waterfall, Pawna Lake and Lonavala Lake.

  • Igatpuri

Situated in the bosom of Western Ghats, Igatpuri is surrounded by the vast Sahyadri ranges. All the adventure lovers, grab your flight ticket couponsto indulge in an amazing trekking experience at this beautiful hill station. With numerous little hills, stunning waterfalls and greenery all around, the city is a perfect escapade from the busy life of Mumbai. While nature lovers take a stroll at the Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary or the Vihigaon waterfalls, history buffs can explore the ancient forts of Tringalwadi and Avandha.

  • Malshej Ghat

Another one of the picturesque hill station near Mumbai is the Malshej Ghat. The area is surrounded by enchanting hills and breathtaking sceneries. The exotic flora and fauna of the place will leave you overwhelmed. If you are visiting Malshej Ghat during the months of July and September, you can even witness the pink-legged flamingos.

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Top Weekend Getaways near Delhi

An escape to the hills in summers, enjoying the snow capes in winters, outdoor adventures, and safaris are a few of the activities that you can enjoy during your weekend getaway from Delhi. There are many places near Delhi that cater to the multitude of trips with family, friends, couples or solo. Travel by road or book an air ticketto reach some of the famous weekend getaway places near Delhi, as listed below:

  1. Rishikesh

Situated around 237kms away from Delhi, Rishikesh is best known for its water activities such as rafting and kayaking. The scenic beauty of Rishikesh with the mighty Ganges is a must-visit during your next weekend getaway. You can spend leisure time in the city indulging in cliff jumping, body surfing, yoga, meditation and other activities as well.

  • Manali

Around 538 km from Delhi, Manali is the most sought-after destination for tourists from Delhi. If a drive to Manali seems too tiring, you can catch a cheap flightand land in the city of magnificent Himalayas. The spectacular valleys of the place surrounded by oak, fir and deodar forests is a must-watch at least once in a lifetime. The gushing waterfalls adds to the beauty of the place. Manali is a perfect destination to throw away your worries and relax amidst the serenity of nature.

  • Shimla

Another popular destination that makes a perfect weekend is Shimla, located 343 km away from Delhi. Owing to its unique charm, Shimla attracts hundreds of tourists every year. The biosphere of Shimla is a worth to catch site. Relax your mind and soul amidst nature. You can enjoy several adventures like trekking at this beautiful hill station. To reach these beautiful places and enjoy the magnificent views, you can book your flight tickets from HappyEasyGo. HappyEasyGo gives you the best deals and flight offers on your tickets. Just visit the HappyEasyGo website or download the app for hassle-free bookings.

Most Visited Hill Stations near Pune

Your mental and physical health both need a break from a hectic lifestyle to rejuvenate and refresh. Pune has some beautiful hill stations which are filled with fresh air, surrounded by greenery and serenity, and are a perfect one-stop solution to all your worries. Let us take a glimpse of these wonderful hill stations situated near Pune so that you can plan your easy trip soon to these hill stations.

  1. Rajmachi

Commonly known to be a photographer’s paradise, the Rajmachi hill station is located 172 km from Pune. The historical past of Maharashtra can be best depicted at this hill station. It is the home to the famous forts, Manaranjan Balekilla and Shrivardhan Balekilla. Several trekkers prefer to trek from the base of the hill to these forts. If you are a photographer, you can capture the enchanting view of the surroundings in your photographs.

  • Lavasa

You need not apply filters to post pictures of Lavasa on Instagram, as this hill station already has some natural filters. The scenic beauty of this place is picturesque and appreciable. The serene lakes and enchanting nature is sure to thrill you during summers. The place also offers ample amount of outdoor activities such as jet skiing, pedal boating, and cruising.

  • Karjat

If you are seeking a long-awaited hill station trip, then immediately book your cheap flight tickets to Karjat. The natural beauty of the place is sure to provide you with a soothing experience away from the everyday hectic schedule. This is one of the most gorgeous hill stations near Pune, surrounded by abundant greenery and cool climate. For leisure, ample amount of adventure activities are also available in Karjat.

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Most Visited Museums in Ahmedabad

Traditional artefacts, history, culture and heritage is what you get at the famous museums of Ahmedabad. Rich in culture, the city boasts of a commendable heritage showcased in its vast variety of museums. Grab your flight ticketsnow to get an insight into the very popular museums of Ahmedabad, a few of which are listed below:

  1. Kites Museum

Popularly known as the Patang Kite Museum, the museum was established in 1954 by Bhanu Shah, who donated all his personal kites’ collection to set up the place. The place flaunts a wide variety of kites and the paper used to make these kites. From Japanese kites, to kites with mirror work and block prints, the kites museum has every variety of kite display. The unique attraction of the museum is the 16 feet long kite depicting Garba dance and Radha Krishna images.

  • Archer Art Gallery

The Archer Art Gallery is one of the most popular museums of the city. It is not just a museum, but also a vast art gallery boasting of paintings by renowned artists, sculptures and graphics. The paintings of the place has been able to gain accolades and recognitions from world-famous artists like M F Hussain, Amit Ambalal and Bhupen Khakhar. If you are an art lover, this enthralling museum is a must-visit for you. Grab Holi flight booking saleand enjoy the lowest airfares for your flight to Ahmedabad.

  • Varso Toy Museum

A 400-year old heritage haveli, now converted into a museum, is a paradise for kids. Displaying toys from the contemporary period to the classic era, this museum is run and managed by the Varso Foundation. This place is an attraction for both adults and kids as it has a vast range of toys from toy dolls, cars to a variety of wooden toys. The evolution of toys is best depicted at this museum. HappyEasyGo is the best online flight booking siteto book cheap airline tickets to your favourite destinations. For more information, visit the website now.