Top Street Food Delights in Delhi

A place of culture and history, Delhi is not just famous among history buffs but is also frequented by a vast number of food lovers. Street food of Delhi is a buzz around the world. A trip to Delhi is incomplete without trying its varied street food. Hit on some popular street cuisines of Delhi by grabbing your tickets instantly from online flight booking.

  1. Chhole Bhature

Delhi serves the yummiest and fluffiest chhole bhature. The spices and some secret ingredients mixed in chhole makes it all the more appetizing for a foodie. Every other stall of Delhi serves chole bhature almost at all the hours of the day. When visiting Delhi, this is a dish you should not miss to try.

  • Golgappe

The flavours of Delhi’s golgappe will make you forget the pani puris of Mumbai and the puckas of Kolkata. The spices and diverse forms of golgappe served in Delhi is loved by all locals as well as travellers. Stuffed golgappa, variants of water flavours, and papdi dipped in curd and chutney, is what is served with at every Delhi’s golgappe stall. It is items like golgappas that tempt foodies to grab domestic flight offers and fly over to Delhi.

  • Dahi Bhalle

Sweet curd mixed with red and green chutneys is an awesome dish to try when you are in Delhi. The softness of dahi bhalle that melt in your mouth will take your palate on a joy ride. A little tip, try dahi bhalla with a pinch of aloo bhujia on the top.

  • Samose with chole

Every Indian foodie must have tried samosas at least once in their lifetime. Then, what’s so special about it in Delhi? Well, Delhi streets serve these samosas dipped in chole and topped with tangy and sweet chutneys. This new variant of samosa will surely leave your tongue craving for more. The list of Delhi delicacies is endless. If you want to grab these delights, plan a trip and fly down to Delhi with HDFC flight booking offers. You can save flat INR 1000 with the offer and spend it enjoying these street foods of Delhi.

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Most Famous places to visit in Chennai

Located along the Bay of Bengal, Chennai is known for its beautiful scenery and touristy places. From some of the city’s famous forts to museums showcasing the British military garrison, and relaxing beaches, Chennai has destinations for every type of tourist. So, grab some of the best flight booking offers to take an amazing tour to Chennai. Let’s take a look into these famous Chennai attractions:

  1. Marina Beach

Lined up with tall palm trees, Marina beach is India’s longest beach. With almost 30,000 visitors each day, this beach is one of the most visited beaches in the country. Stretching up to 13 kilometres, the beach offers immense beauty to the tourists. You can enjoy some delicious seafood and beach games with your loved ones at the beach.

  • Fort St. George

Made during the British rule, Fort St. George acted as the centre point for all official purposes during the period. It has a huge collection of paintings, silverware, arms, porcelain, and documents. To add glory to the fort, its Flagstaff is among the tallest structure in India. History buffs, hop on your Chennai flights and grab some cheap flight offers to visit this historic monument.

  • VGP Golden Beach

This beach is a must-visit for people looking for some swaying palms and surging waves. Ranked among one of the cleanest beaches in Chennai, VGP Golden Beach is the second largest beach in the country. The pristine beauty and picturesque landscape makes it one of the most preferred places to visit among beach lovers. Do spend some leisurely hours with your family and friends at this mesmerizing beach. With so much around to visit, Chennai is sure to be loved by you. Grab the best HDFC flight booking offersto Chennai on HappyEasyGo and make your trip worth remembering. Use code HEGHDFC and save INR 1000 instantly on your next flight booking with HDFC credit cards.

Top Places to Explore in Delhi

New Delhi, the capital of India, is a great destination for one and all. When listening to stories of Delhi from your friends, you might have an urge to visit the city and explore it more closely. If you have always wondered what it feels like to spend a few days in the bustling metropolis, then this is a great time to realize your dream of exploring Delhi. With HappyEasyGo, you can grab the lowest airfares in India. Book cheap Bangalore to Delhi tickets or travel on any other route with guaranteed lowest airfares. Check out some places you do not want to miss during your Delhi sojourn.

India Gate

Located along the Rajpath, India Gate is a war memorial dedicated to 82,000 soldiers who died during World War I and the Third Anglo-Afghan War. The names of around 13,300 servicemen are displayed on the towering monument. Talking about the dimensions, India Gate is about 42m tall and 9.1m wide. This attraction is open all day but looks best in the lights of the night.

Qutub Minar

Initially built as a victory tower in red sandstone, Qutub Minar is situated in Mehrauli. The minaret soars to a height of 72.5m. It is a popular destination not only for tourists, but also for Delhiites who excitingly come to hangout here with their gang. The major attraction of the tower is its 379 steps spiral staircase. Around the minaret, one can find the Qutub Complex, and the Iron Pillar of Delhi. Qutub Minar is open only during the day.

A one-day visit will not be enough to explore the beauty of Delhi. So, plan your journey with sufficient days in advance to get the lowest airfares in India and explore everything that comes your way.

Hauz Khas Village (HKV)

Another beauty in Delhi is the Hauz Khas Village, situated in South Delhi. Known for its countless cafes, bars, pubs, art galleries and boutiques, HKV is a dream stop for every traveller. Delhi has an amazing culture, food, monuments and nightlife to offer. Don’t be late in booking your tickets to Delhi. HappyEasygo has the cheapest flight deals waiting for you. You can book using HDFC Bank flight offer to grab a flat discount of INR 1000 on your domestic flight booking. Offer valid for a limited period only.

Must Try Goan Dishes

Goa is known for its variety of sand beaches, nightlife, trance parties and the mix of Portuguese culture. To add to the delight of a gastronome, this place also has great food to offer. Book your flight tickets instantly to enjoy some Indian-Portuguese mixed cuisine. If you have already planned or are planning to visit this Indian food paradise, we shall give you some food recommendations to try while in Goa.

  • Crab xec xec

As the name suggests, this popular Goan dish is made of crab. The thick curry consists of grated coconut. Strong spices like clove and tamarind are mixed to add a delicious taste to the curry. Crab xec xec is usually served with rice or bread.

  • Goan Fish curry or Xitti Kodi

Every Goa resident is a fan of Xitti Kodi making it the staple food of Goa. Though the dish is a mix of coconut and spices, the main ingredient includes Pomfret and a raw mango. Some chefs also use Kingfish instead of Pomfret and serve it with rice.

  • Shark Ambot Tik

This Portuguese influenced Goan dish is quite popular among tourists. The word ‘Ambot’ means sour and ‘Tik’ refers to spicy. The dish is perfect for spicy food lovers as red Kashmiri chillies are added as the spice and Kokum is added to make the dish sour. Before serving, shark fish is tossed in onions, tomatoes and spices giving an exotic flavour.

  • Chicken Cafreal

This spicy green coloured dish is sure to leave your taste buds craving for more. Shining green chillies, herbs and some spices are mixed together for the chicken masala. The chicken cafreal does not require anything to compliment but you can eat it with salad if you wish to.

  • Patolea

Patolea is a sweet dish made with red rice wrapped in tamarind leaves and filled with coconut, jaggery, and cardamom. All ingredients finally steamed for 20 minutes. If you cannot stop yourself from trying these delicious Goan cuisines, book your tickets now from HappyEasyGo offering cheap air ticket booking to Goa.

Top Mumbai Beaches

Mumbai is known for its bustling beaches. If you are heading to the financial capital of India in the near future, then take a look at the best beaches you can explore during your time here.

Juhu Beach

One of the most-visited and well-known beaches of Mumbai is the Juhu Beach. Stretching for up to 6 kilometers, Juhu beach is one of the top attractions for tourists. You can even enjoy the Mumbai street food like bhelpuri and sevpuri while taking a stroll at the beach.

Aksa Beach

Flanked by towering coconut trees, Aksa Beach is known for its quaintness and clean sands. When you are tired from the hustle and bustle of the city, head over to Aksa Beach for solitude. Walk barefoot with your loved ones along the waves enjoying the sunset. The highlight of the beach is its clean sand.

Versova Beach

Versova Beach is located northwards of the Juhu beach. One of the breeziest beaches of Mumbai, Versova beach is idle for swimming and jogging. If you are looking for air ticket booking to Mumbai to take part in Mumbai’s snorkelling water sports, then this beach is a must visit as it conducts snorkelling almost on a daily basis.

Dadar Chowpatty Beach

Counted amongst the less crowded beaches of Mumbai is the Dadar Chowpatty Beach. Taking an evening walk on the beach is the best thing you can do here. As the name suggests, the beach is situated in Dadar and is well-connected by the local transport. You can also rake a morning jog at the beach enjoying the cool breezes.

Madh Island Beach

One of the most isolated beaches of Mumbai is the Madh Island Beach. Surrounded by the mangroves, the beach offers breathtaking scenic beauty. If you are looking for some quality time to spend with your loved ones, then this beach is the perfect escape for you. The location of all these beaches is easy to reach. The Mumbai beaches offer satisfactory views all throughout the season. Avail cheap online flight booking to Mumbai on HappyEasyGo. Book your tickets now.

Interesting Places to visit in Bangalore

Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka, is nicknamed the ‘Garden city Of India’ owing to its splendid greenery and cleanliness. From being one of the major economic and cultural hubs of India to being the Silicon Valley of the country, Bangalore has so much to offer.  Apart from all this, what makes one to book tickets to Bangalore are the interesting places to visit in the city. Let’s take a quick look at some of the must-visit places in Bangalore.

Bangalore Palace

Bangalore boasts of a glorious past which can be witnessed in its several monuments of historical significance. One such monument is the Bangalore Palace built in Tudor style. The majestic palace is an epitome of beauty and architecture. It is visited by hundreds of tourist every day. It has massive courtyards, beautiful interiors, towers and posh garden. So, whenever you book domestic air tickets to Bangalore, make sure you visit this palace.

Bannerghatta National Park

One of the most frequently visited places in Bangalore is the Bannerghatta National Park. Declared a biological reserve in 2002, it is home to several animals such as elephants, tigers, bear, monkeys etc. You also get to see a butterfly park, and some beneficial herbs and plants. While opting for hotel booking in Bangalore, you can also search for some hotels near this 122 acres park for an easy commute.

Wonderla Amusement Park

If you are looking for an adventure-filled day in Bangalore, then head to Wonderla Waterpark. Reaching the place might be a bit tricky as it is located in the outskirts of the city, but once you reach here, the trip will be worth the effort. The high-thrill rides, wave pool with hi-tech devices, the rain disco and much more exciting rides are sure to amuse you at the Wonderla. With all this adventure and serenity together at one place, you can start planning your trip to Bangalore with cheap flight ticket booking on HappyEasyGo. Once you plan your trip, make sure to visit these places.

Adventure sports to try on your Goa Honeymoon

Regarded as one of the best honeymoon destinations in India, Goa excites couples with its sun-kissed beaches, buzzing nightclubs and bustling markets. The adrenaline-rushing adventure activities of Goa will definitely add thrill quotient to your vacation. From quiet romantic evenings on shores to thrilling water sports, Goa has everything you want. Try these water sports while at this amazing honeymoon destination:

Water Sports to try in Goa

It’s easy to choose from the best Goa hotels, but what’s difficult is to choose the best water sports. Well, we will make it easy for you.

  • Scuba Diving

If the idea of exploring the marine life and water world brings a smile to your face, then scuba diving is a must-try water sport for you. You can enroll in a one-hour training session with the scuba diving instructors, after which you will be all set to dive to 12 meters in the sea. A little tip is to go scuba diving between the months of Oct-May as the seas are calm during this time.

  • Parasailing

Don’t want to miss breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea? Book your air tickets to Goa now to go for parasailing adventures. The winch boat parasailing is quite popular among tourists. The winds are perfect during the months of Oct-May. So, plan your trip accordingly to enjoy the activity.

  • Water scooters

Looking for thrill on the beach? Water scooters are the best option for those who are relatively inexperienced. This sport includes riding a water bike on the surface of the sea and enjoying the splashes that come your way during the ride.

It is readily available on almost all Goa beaches. With these, there are other rip-roaring adventures in Goa too. Book cheap flight tickets on HappyEasyGo and get ready to try these with your special someone.

Fun things to do in Manali

Manali is undeniably one of the most popular hill stations in North India. Hordes of domestic and international travellers flocking here around the year is a testament to its popularity. If you have not been to Manali yet, then plan a trip and get ready to immerse the natural and cultural charm of this place. Here are some of the best things to do in the scenic hill station.

Try Paragliding

Over the past several years, Solang Valley, a short drive from Manali, has emerged as the premier paragliding spot in the country. If you like an adrenaline rush, then you must try this activity. You can also find a cheap hotel near Solang Valley on HappyEasyGo.

Seek Solace at Hadimba Temple

The revered Hadimba or Hadimba Devi Temple is not just a place of worship, but also draws tourists with its architecture. A trip to the shrine is included in almost every Manali tour package.

Excursion to Manikaran

If you have a spare day in your Manali trip, then an excursion to Manikaran is the perfect way to spend it. The trip will also give you the opportunity to explore other attractions like Kullu and a shawl factory. Book your hotel room on HappyEasyGo and get ready to see the best of this magnificent hill station. HappyEasyGo brings you the best flight offers to help you see the best of India without spending too much.

Adventure Activities to Try in Goa

With a plethora of adventure activities to offer, Goa is a dream destination for any thrill seeker. The hordes of adrenaline junkies booking cheap flight tickets to Goa is a testament to that. Here are some of the most sought-after adventure activities to try in this beach haven.

Scuba Diving

Replete with diving spots, Goa is counted among the best scuba diving destinations in the country. Besides, you can also try snorkelling to explore the underwater world near the coast of Goa.


Parasailing is perhaps one of the best ways to capture a bird’s-eye view of the coast of Goa. There are a number of beaches in the state where you can partake in the thrilling activity. Book your flight tickets to Goa, already!

Water skiing

If you are always looking for ways to take thrill a notch higher, then you ought to try water skiing. Even if you are a hard-core adventure enthusiast, this will surely get the adrenaline going in your veins. Book your air tickets and hotels in Goa on HappyEasyGo for the best discount on your booking.

Best Indian Destinations to Visit with Friends

A vacation with friends is always fun but the excitement grows manifolds when you are partying at the right place. Here are some of the best destinations in India to visit with your friends. Have a look.


The ultimate party destination in India, Goa beckons travellers with adventure sports, sun-kissed beaches, historical churches and much more. Check out the latest offers on hotels in Goa on HappyEasyGo to save money.


Among the most sought-after holidays in India, Manali is thronged for magnificent vistas of mountains, trekking opportunities and ancient shrines.


Over the past few years, Rishikesh has become synonymous with river rafting in India. Besides, you can also enjoy river-side camping here and explore a number of historical aashrams.


The picturesque landscape of Ladakh and its Buddhist culture makes it one of the best destinations in the country. If you are planning a trip with your friends, then also consider going on a road trip to your destination.

Book your flight tickets and hotels on HappyEasyGo to enjoy the biggest discounts. Check out the latest flight booking offers available for you.